Learn to Scuba in Koh Tao!

Learning to scuba will not only be a highlight of your trip to Thailand it will be a life skill you can use all around the world!

As well as the amazing views and beautiful islands, learning to dive in Thailand is soo much cheaper!

10934087_332522340283941_6089698587166671636_nI completed my Open Water and Advanced Open Water Diver PADI course for only 16,600 THB or 320 GBP. This is more than half the price that you will pay in England,

The most popular place in Thailand to learn is the chilled out island Koh Tao, this island is small but insanely beautiful! The beaches are lined with cute little cafe and restaurants which come alive at night with fire shows and beach parties.

Me and my friend Stacey (thailand travel buddy) decided to go with Simple Life Divers as they were recommended by a hostel we previously stayed in at Koh Phangan.

The team at Simple Life were amazing! Accommodation is Included in the price of the course so we didn’t have far (down stairs) to go in the morning for our lessons. There is a bar opposite the dive centre when you can chill out with a bottle of Chang after a hard days dive.


The Koh Tao Dive Team!


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