Would I recommend to work on a Cruise Ship?

I have pondered over this question ever since I joined my first cruise ship.

I would be lying if i said the job wasn’t hard and the money was amazing, but if you have a passion for travel and a low budget then its a good way to start.

The Pros and Cons of ‘Ship Life’


  • Breakfast in Italy, Dinner in Spain- If you have itchy feet like then this job is perfect, you are constantly on the move travelling dozens of countries in a matter of weeks.
  • The escape of 9-5- like most jobs on land you have various bill to pay, rent, electricity, car insurance and so on. when you work on  a cruise ship the only bill you have to worry about is your bar bill in the Crew Bar!
  • Watch those pennies grow!- you have very limited outgoings and limited time to spend your salary, so after a 4-6 month contract you have a hefty wad to take home! (one of my main reasons for working on cruise ships)
  • Mini United Nations- The crew onboard come from all over the world so you learn to live and work (usually in harmony) with these people. I think this is a skill highly beneficial to any person as you learn to understand and adapt to culture and lifestyle differences of other people….oh and you make the most amazing friends!


  • All aboard!- Mostly the ship is in the same place for just a day, so unless you have the day off which is rare then you only have a couple of hours to quickly have some lunch and find some free WiFi. Not much time to really explore.
  • Currrency Problems- this is mainly just for the English who work on cruise ships. Most ships salaries are paid in either Euro or USD- this is great when you are travelling these countries, but when you eventually head back to England you have to half the savings you have when you convert to the ever mighty GBP!
  • It’s not walk in the park!- Working on a cruise ship is probably the most emotionally and physically tough job that I have ever had- you work long hours and have a lot of stress! You really do have to find something deep inside to survive and be successful at sea.

But all in all YES!

Deciding to work at sea has been highly beneficial to both my financial and travel wellbeing. Go for it.

Here are some of the many experiences I have had because of Cruise Ship travel…

PicMonkey Collage


3 thoughts on “Would I recommend to work on a Cruise Ship?

  1. I am not too surprised since there appears to be limited time even for the passengers to explore a place, never mind the crew… and having to get “time off” in order to do so… I get the snippets part. It gives you a taste but at times, it must be frustrating as well? I would think.


    • Your right it can be frustrating…but for me, even a snippet is better than sitting in an office 9-5. But suppose its up to ones self. I do prefer to backpack myself and really feel the place. But I really love to travel and right now the ship means I’m constantly surrounded by what I love….and something has to pay the travelling bills!

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