My Guide to Surviving a Full Moon Party!

Ok, so first of all if you haven’t already been to a Full Moon then you really do have to go. Even if you’re not into partying, a Full Moon Party is one of the most exhilarating and fun nights you will ever have in Thailand. Yes, the beach does get destroyed and the drunks and high people do kind of ruin the island, but this has been going on for over 20 years! The locals are making money from the 20,000 tourist then don the beaches every month buying buckets, merchendise, and street food.- its a case of if you can’t beat them join them….then escape the island after the party as quick as you can! Attending a Full Moon is dirty business so here are my top tips on surviving the night.

  1. Stay away from Haadrin Beach- We booked a nice little beach bungalow at Ban Tai, its far enough away that you cannot hear any of the party and the beach is beautiful!

    Baan Tai Beach at Sunset
    Baan Tai Beach at Sunset
  2. Bum Bag or F10885595_330864247116417_7535495725955253824_n_Fotoranny Pack if you’re American– if you take a backpack or shoulder bag they can easily be cut away from you in the crowds and you wouldn’t notice. With a Bum Bag you can keep your hand near at all times and its just easier, all of your stuff is right in front of you! I picked up a really nice leather fringe pouch with a metal buckle from one of the local market stalls.
  3. SENSIBLE SHOES!- You may think I’m being a Grandma but if you see all the shit that ends up on the sand you will die! Glass, urine, condoms- you name it! A pair of Nike’s will do to protect your feet from the ickyness.
  4. Do not go swimming/paddling/bathing- Stay out of the water! Haadrin Beach becomes a human toilet on the night of the Full Moon. The are people pissing next to people having sex next to people vomiting…you don’t want to be in there trust me, you will see!
  5. Have a meeting point- So in the midst of 20,000 drunk people and you are also drunk its very easy to lose your friends, and for me being a girl its really important not to get split up. So find a place like a 7/11 or something and agree as a meeting point if you ever get split up.
  6. AND MY LAST AND FINAL TIP- Take a trip to Mushroom Mountain, you’re gonna save yourself some money and have an awesome time 😉 PSYCHEDELIC BABY!!10917423_330974707105371_5256587084864092902_n_Fotor

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