Visiting Petra!

As my Number 2 of 7 of the New Wonders of the World I was very excited to explore Petra!

Being able to do a full day tour is a rarity when you work on a cruise ship so I grabbed the chance and paid up!

So when you get the the entrance of Petra you will be pass though various market stalls all trying to sell you Petra souvenirs etc- including a head turban which they will nicely fashion on you so you look like the real ‘Priscilla Queen of the Desert’ or ‘Lawrence of Arabia’. But shop around because the prices get cheaper the closer you are to the entrance. Petra it’s self is miles long so you really do need a full morning and afternoon to reach all of the points of interest.


With the little time we had we managed to make it to The Church which took us past the famous Treasury. For me the most interesting part of the trip was the walk to the treasury- walking though a HUGE cravass and then seeing the small glimpse of the Treasury.

Just breathtaking!
Just breathtaking!
The First Glimpse…
The Treasury.
The Treasury.                                 


And that was the end of Petra…Only 5 more Wonders to go!



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