Getting a Traditional Sak Yant Tattoo

I read various different blogs and researched alot before I committed myself to getting a Sak Yant. But what is a Sak Yant? A Sak Yant is a religious Buddhist tattoo originating in Thailand and Myanmar, the tattoos all have different “powers” consisting of Protection, Wealth, Health, Happiness, Attraction etc etc. The technique used to create a Sak Yant is either bamboo or a long metal rod (its quite painful)

In my search for the understanding of other cultures and the world I decided this experience would be beneficial to my knowledge and the perfect way to literally document my travel in Thailand.

So How and Where?

The most known temple for Yantra tattoos is the temple Wat Bang Phra. It’s about one hour in a cab from Bangkok.

What to expect at the temple.

You have to get to the temple as early as possible so we left at like 5.30 am. Luckily our cab driver was very nice and did all of the translating for us when we got to the temple. So the arranging with the monks was done and from then on you had to just wait…

You can choose either to have it done completely traditionally where the monk decided where and what he will tattoo on your body- please note the needle is not new and not sterilised. This method will not cost you anything just a donation to the temple which is a packet of cigarettes, insense sticks and some flowers.

You can also choose to go upstairs in the temple where you can pay, depending on the tattoo (usually around £30) and the needle will be the same but it is sterilised in alcohol after every person.

The Tattooing.

The monk will not talk to you during the whole procedure and there is silence in the room. All I could hear was the stabbing from the metal pole going into my back. After the tattoo is complete (mine took 20 mins) the monk will ask you to sit with your tattoo facing him, he will place gold leaf on the tattoo, then he will begin a chant to bless the tattoo. The whole experience is very spiritual, and even with the risk of contaminated needles, I’m completely happy with the Sak Yant I received and consequently have no diseases! Woo hoo!


I went to the local Drug store and picked up an antibacterial cream and just kept applying till it was fully healed, I had 3 tattoos previous to my Sak Yant and this one has the no pain or scabbing when it healed…Magical Powers?

My Sak Yant Experience.
My Sak Yant Experience.

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