Hello There!



So my name is Adrianne I’m twenty three and I have been infected by the travel bug 🙂

I’m from Newcastle, England aka ‘Geordie’

2 years ago I decided to get my knapsack on my back and be on my merry way to start a life at sea. No, I didn’t join the navy.

On May 1st 2013 was when I flew to Honolulu to join my first cruise ship. I had a dream of leaving England for a year or so previous, but coming from a fairly ordinary working class family I didn’t have the funds to do anything about it. Then one of my close friends who was working on cruise ships planted the seed and within 3 months I was on a plane for the first time travelling half way across the world- I had felt been more excited and liberated in my life!

So in 2 years I have travelled 5 continents and 32 countries.

Pretty good going? Yes and no.

Most of the places I have seen have been snippets, this has its benefits.

I can see enough of these places to know if I would come back to explore more (the circumstances in which I fell in love with Thailand) and the places that were just ‘ok’. But mostly I like to travel by my own means not by the means of my job, so this blog will be small ‘snippets’ of my ‘ship life’ and huge blabberings of my travel life.


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